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 Essex Human Rights Review:


 5 May 2011 | visits 5756

The Essex Human Rights Review publishes original scholarly works addressing contemporary issues and debates in human rights. We encourage submissions from a broad range of disciplines, including law, philosophy, political science, sociology, anthropology and economics.

Contributions from academics, practitioners and postgraduate students are welcome. The EHRR accepts academic articles, conference reports, book reviews and edited transcripts of interviews with key figures in the field of human rights. We also encourage the submission of short notes and commentaries on recent developments, on-going cases, current initiatives and research relevant to human rights protection (1000 words maximum).

Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis and must be in electronic form. Articles submitted to the EHRR should be original, previously unpublished material and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time.

All submissions, including cover letters and other materials, should be in English. Submissions must adhere to the EHRR Submission Guidelines and Style Sheet, which are available at  Submission should be in electronic form and should be emailed to editor(at)

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  #1    Name: Sinyor  
Date : 19 May 2012 00:42

My sensse is that this will work only if eepolymrs are closely monitored, as there is the possibility of abuse. However, if eepolymrs are closely monitored when using the bill, and abuse is the exception rather than the rule, it can give eepolymrs the confidence to give someone a chance, or to take on staff to improve their business.
  #2    Name: ihqmuqcnzl  
Date : 20 May 2012 00:07

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  #3    Name: yunvynmy  
Date : 20 May 2012 10:24

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  #4    Name: epvpzx  
Date : 20 May 2012 12:31

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  #5    Name: fpfizaxqrg  
Date : 20 May 2012 14:41

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  #6    Name: yedjhim  
Date : 20 May 2012 14:51

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  #7    Name: pxozgmbgj  
Date : 20 May 2012 18:22

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  #8    Name: Audel  
Date : 3 June 2012 07:00

Please note, that we do not intend running a Mail Me Art 3 at the moment! This is your last chance to take part in Mail Me Art for now.As long as you post your submission before the 31st January, it will be put into January’s entries.

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  #9    Name: Jhett  
Date : 10 June 2012 04:05

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  #10    Name: Jenny  
Date : 17 June 2012 02:07

Dear Hon.Members of ParliamentI would like to bring an issue to the fore that is very much a concern for the overwhelming majority of my friends and family, that being the cherished tradition of marriage. An ancient Judeo-Christian tradition for centuries this has always been defined as the union between a man and a woman.In an age of gradual decaying morals I believe that the moral fabric of society is especially dependent on the well being of family structures, especially children who are the next generation, and thus I believe that the welfare of children should be of paramount importance. I still believe that the natural mother and father relationship is the best union within which children should grow up, especially coming from a broken family and difficult childhood; I forever yearned a stable father figure.As a medical professional I have come across countless instances whereby children and adolescents have suffered as a result of broken families and the inability to relate to role models of both genders. In all instances I’ve been told that what the children yearned was a stable mother or father figure.Thus, I believe that the rights of children should prevail over the rights of minority views and that governments should recognize and not only support but promote the stability of marriages as a means of manifesting the benefits for children, adults and ultimately society at large.Furthermore, I believe that it is imperative that the government recognizes that the majority of Australians still respect the long-standing institution of marriage and the benefits it entails for strong families and communities.I believe that this is a tradition that is essential for the well being of the community at large and should not easily be altered to suit everyone’s whim and fancy under the banner of equal rights, whether this be for proposed same sex marriages or polygamous marriages.It is easy to make changes to time honoured institutions but unintentionally undermine the very foundations that have produced the fruits of western society. I’m afraid that changes to our institution of marriage will only lead to the detriment of the family unit and ultimately to society.I trust that you will consider this of utmost importance and also live up to your pre election promises, something that is of importance to most people, that is the word given by a government to its people, the very people that elected it in good faith based on its promises. The majority of my friends and their respective families feel the same way as myself on this issue.Kind RegardsKonstantine

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  #11    Name: Charleigh  
Date : 6 July 2012 06:20
  #12    Name: Karah  
Date : 7 July 2012 00:43
  #13    Name: Kalea  
Date : 15 July 2012 10:52
  #14    Name: Kiona  
Date : 25 July 2012 23:31
  #15    Name: Karcy  
Date : 28 July 2012 16:58
  #16    Name: Seven  
Date : 31 July 2012 17:34
  #17    Name: Jeanne  
Date : 3 August 2012 06:27
  #18    Name: Cassandra  
Date : 7 August 2012 09:17
  #19    Name: Leatrice  
Date : 20 August 2012 08:24
  #20    Name: Trix  
Date : 24 August 2012 09:06
  #21    Name: Kaylea  
Date : 4 September 2012 21:57
  #22    Name: Bella  
Date : 31 October 2012 04:08
  #23    Name: Donyell  
Date : 5 November 2012 15:37
  #24    Name: Charla  
Date : 7 November 2012 13:10
  #25    Name: Leatrice  
Date : 18 November 2012 00:56
  #26    Name: Lesa  
Date : 24 November 2012 00:45
  #27    Name: Rena  
Date : 17 December 2012 20:47
  #28    Name: Philly  
Date : 21 December 2012 05:31
  #29    Name: Marylouise  
Date : 23 December 2012 23:24
  #30    Name: Jeana  
Date : 29 December 2012 11:47
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