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 Research in Ethics and Globalisation:


 21 March 2012 | visits 31419


Research in Ethics and Globalisation

The aims of REG


Research in Ethics and Globalisation (REG) is a Section of Globalisation Studies Groningen (GSG). REG was established in January 2011 by Dr Vivienne Matthies-Boon and Dr Andrej Zwitter as a platform for cooperation within and beyond the University of Groningen, on both a national and international level. Led by three Section Chairs, Dr Matthies-Boon, Dr Zwitter, and Dr Chris Lamont, who joined REG in September 2011, REG is committed to facilitating a global dialogue on ethics and governance in the context of an increasingly globalised world. The principal aim of REG is to provide a vibrant international and interdisciplinary forum for the promotion of debate, teaching, research and other policy relevant projects related to issues of ethics and globalisation. Through deepening cooperation with institutions of higher learning and civil society in transition countries in the Middle East, North Africa, East Asia, South East Europe, and beyond, REG aims to become a focal point for the study and practice of ethics in transition.

In particular we examine the intersection between the theory and practice of ethics in a globalised context. The ethics of governance, both within and among states, is increasingly salient in the context of a myriad of scholarly and policy debates including democratisation and transitional justice. In order to advance our understandings of the theory and practice of ethics REG pursues two complementary thematic strands. The focus of the first strand is on the connection between research initiatives in ideal ethical theory, applied ethics, and empirical ethics. In relation to the first strand REG has contributed to research on ethics in global governance, transitional justice, human security among other themes. The second strand aims to create dialogue and debate on the issue of ethics in a globalised world. More specifically, this strand facilitates debates on ethics between scholars from diverse geographic backgrounds through expert workshops, conferences, and other events hosted both at Groningen and abroad. In addition, REG also engages with inter-temporal issues, such as intergenerational justice and equity from a comparative perspective.

Through these two strands, REG specifically aims to promote and transmit a wide range of research and expertise to a global audience. In line with the foundation of GSG, REG is thus profoundly interdisciplinary by nature, as it links disciplines such as international relations, philosophy, law, sociology, humanitarian studies, economics and the life sciences, among others. The first research strand specifically allows REG to link both empirical and theoretical approaches within these disciplines as they relate to ethics, whilst the latter emphasises the global context within which these ethical debates are situated. To be sure, linking global to individual matters in the area of ethics remains a constant and evolving issue. Therefore REG aims to bridge a wide range of scientific disciplines (e.g. medical, psychological, social, political sciences etc.), which in isolation are also concerned with ethics as it relates to their specific fields and perspectives, by linking them through an issue area that is of concern to all - ethics.

Idea? Email us!

REG is committed to encouraging debate, teaching and research in relation to ethics and globalization.  Should you have an idea or project proposal that you wish to discuss with us, please feel free to contact the Chairs on .  We are open to receive any ideas, suggestions or comments, and look forward to receiving your email.

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Globalization is culture of one world. However, in one world, hundreds of culture exists. Then is it possible to regulate one set of Ethics for multiple cultures? May be at some extend researcher obedient/respect human rights but it would be difficult to practice and consider ethics with basket of globalization.

Globalization is culture of one world. However, in one world, hundreds of culture exists. Then is it possible to regulate one set of Ethics for multiple cultures? May be at some extend researcher obedient/respect human rights but it would be difficult to practice and consider ethics with basket of globalization.
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