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 Power and Peace 10th Anniversary Awards:


 2 June 2012 | visits 7911

Cross-posted from PeaceXPeace:

The Women, Power and Peace 10th Anniversary Awards

The 2011 Award winners

Each year Peace X Peace presents awards honoring extraordinary women and men on the frontlines of peacebuilding. In 2012, as we celebrate 10 years of connecting across divides and raising women’s voices for peace, we are adding a Peace Art Award and inviting  our readers and the global community to nominate potential award winners. We will accept submissions for the new Patricia Smith  Melton Art of Peace Award and nominations for the other five awards until August 21, 2012. The winners of all six awards will be announced on September 21, the International Day of Peace.

1. The Patricia Smith Melton Art of Peace Award(new this year) honors the artist or artists of an original work of art created since September 1, 2011 that informs or inspires others to create peace. It may be a song, painting, short video, story (1200 words or less), or other artistic creation. Nominations may be made by the artists or others. Preference is given to works focused on women’s needs and actions, celebrating women’s gifts, or that propose the most effective, wide-reaching, and enduring way for women to achieve peace.Submissions will be judged by a panel of working artists. The winner will receive $200. Her or his work will be disseminated to our network of readers in 125 countries. Other specific entries may also be selected for dissemination to the network.

2. The Community Peacebuilder Award honors a person or organization that builds cultures of peace at a community level, facilitating activities to promote a peaceful, just, equitable, and healthy community and inspiring others to do the same.

3. The Peace Media Award honors a contribution in writing, photography, radio, television, or other news medium that has informed audiences about the role women play in building peace.  Winners use the power of media to inform and inspire civil society to build cultures of peace.

4. The Connection Point Award honors a person or organization that builds dialogue and understanding between Arab, Muslim, and Western women or within a community to achieve harmony across cultures

5. The Generation Peace Award honors someone between the ages of 18 and 30 who produces action-oriented, inspiring work with exceptional initiative, originality, and creativity.

6. The Peace Philanthropy Award honors a person or organization that has contributed generous funds over time to address the needs of women and to support women in developing cultures of peace.

Click here to submit your artwork or nomination by August 21 2012. Questions? Email Blog and Social Media Manager Caroline Anderson at caroline(at) And watch for the announcement of these and the other four 2012 Women, Power, and Peace Awards on September 21st!

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