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 AUA Oppotunities 2/6/2012:


 2 June 2012 | visits 33389

America's Unofficial Ambassadors Network
Upcoming Opportunities
Check out the latest opportunities to serve as an Unofficial Ambassador in the Muslim World!

Now Hiring - Program Coordinator 

Come work with us! America's Unofficial Ambassadors is looking for a full-time DC-based Program Coordinator to join our team.The Program Coordinator will handle a range of responsibilities that include managing AUA's communications  and supporting program design and start-up. We encourage those with a passion for volunteer service, an interest in some part of the Muslim World (Africa, Asia, or the Middle East), and superior communication and organizational skills to apply.

The full announcement is listed here.  

AUA Network Webinar
Teaching ESL - Best Practices for Volunteers

On June 8, 2012 the AUA Network will proudly host Kristina Scholz for a webinar on "Teaching ESL - Best Practices for Volunteers." Kristina has lived and worked extensively throughout the Muslim world, most recently as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Kyrgyztan. She has an MA in Teaching English as a Second Language from Northern Arizona University and works at Educational Testing Service in New Jersey.Kristina will explore teaching English abroad as a volunteer including how to prepare for 'class', what to do if resources are limited, and present a fail-safe lesson plan that can be used in any situation.     

Join the AUA Network and pledge to volunteer today! The AUA Directory is free and available online and includes profiles of 62 leading organizations.


AUA Mosaic Fellowship
The 2012 AUA Mosaic Fellowship program is coming to a close!  Submit your applications by June 13, 2012. 

The AUA Mosaic Fellowship program provides fellowships to support Americans volunteering with an AUA Directory-listed organization in a Muslim-majority country. Fellowships from $1,000 to $5,000 pay for program fees and/or travel. Click herefor more information or contact  Gideon Culman.  

AUA Directory-Listed Organizations Volunteer Opportunities 


Below is a list of volunteer opportunities with AUA Directory Organizations that have application deadlines in June.

4th World Love


  • Volunteer opportunities in Indonesia Community Development Center, Local schools and villages. For more information about applying contact




  • Apply here for various volunteer opportunities in Mali, Indonesia, Lebanon, Jordan and Kyrgyzstan.     




  • Apply here for volunteer opportunities in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.   




  • Apply here for a wide-range of volunteer opportunities in Nigeria and Indonesia.      


Financial Service Volunteer Corps 


  • To apply or learn more about volunteer opportunities in Albania, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Tunisia, please email 


Global Vision International
  • Join the Indonesia Orangutan Research project for two weeks and help determine how wild orangutans fight against infections caused by parasites on the island of Sumatra. Programs start June 4 and July 2. Apply here.
  • Help protect the rainforest habitat of the Malaysian Orang Sungai community. Programs last between 2-10 weeks. Apply here.    

Project Abroad     


  • Apply here for a wide rang of volunteer opportunities in Morocco.   


Paidia International Development

  • Apply here to spend 8 weeks from June 4-July 29 teaching children English in the Palestinian town of Beit Sahour.         

Tandana Foundation     


  • Apply here to help villagers replace inadequate drinking water pipes or paint their community center, harvest corn and use its flour to bake bread, and play games with schoolchildren in Mali.   




  • Apply here for volunteer opportunities in Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Mali, or Senegal.     

United Planet


  • Currently seeking: Volunteers for short term (1-12 weeks) and ling-term (6 months to 1 year) opportunities.      


Volunteers for International Partnership     


  • Apply here for volunteer opportunities in Albania, Nigeria, Turkey, and  Morocco. Short term opportunities begin June 4, July 2, and August 23. Long term opportunities begin June 11.       


Volunteer Morocco 

  • For information about summer volunteer opportunities from June 8 to 21,  please contact    
  • Apply here for upcoming programs in Nigeria (Jul 15- Jul 30), the Palestinian Territories (July 5 -July 20) and Turkey (July 19- Aug 9).       

Winrock International      


  • Apply here for  wide-range of volunteer opportunities in Bangladesh, Egypt, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali and Nigeria.  

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I’d also like to know your answers to the following. If you haven’t volunteered before, what keeps you from volunteering? Is it fear? The notion that you don’t “have enough experience to contribute anything”? Unrealistic expectations? Do you think that, once you do one thing for your chapter, you’ll be expected to always do something for your chapter? Is it situational shyness? I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Your elected officers have stood in your shoes. At one time, we’ve decided that, ok, it’s not too scary to write a meeting review or suggest a meeting topic and the person to present it. Tell us just one thing that we can do to help you. We want to remove all obstacles between you and volunteering. You never know how much you can benefit from the experience until you try, right?

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