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 HREA Distance Learning Programme:


 5 November 2009 | visits 521

HREA organises specialised courses via distance education for human rights defenders and educators, development workers, and staff members of social justice organisations, international and inter-governmental organisations.

Upcoming courses:

The application deadline for courses offered in the first trimester of 2010 (February-April) is 1 December 2009.

First trimester 2010
(1 February-20 April)
[application deadline: 1 December 2009]

Child Rights Programming (3 February-20 April 2010)
Gender and Peacebuilding (3 February-20 April 2010)
Gender Mainstreaming (3 February-20 April 2010)
Human Rights-Based Programming (3 February-20 April 2010)
Human Rights Litigation (3 February-20 April 2010)
Human Rights of Migrants, Migrant Workers and Their Families (3 February-20 April 2010)
Introduction to Human Rights Education (3 February-20 April 2010)
International Tribunals, World Courts and Human Rights (1 February-18 April 2010)
Le Monitoring des droits de l'enfant (3 février-20 avril 2010)
Le Monitoring des droits de l'homme (3 février-20 avril 2010)
L'Information et la documentation en droits de l'homme (3 février-20 avril 2010)
National Human Rights Institutions (3 February-20 April 2010)
The UN Human Rights Council (1 February-18 April 2010)
Women in War and Armed Conflicts (3 February-20 April 2010)

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