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 Call for Applications - Master of Conflict & Dispute Resolution - James Cook University, Australia:


 6 November 2009 | visits 1205

We are now accepting applications for the 2010 intake of students in to the Conflict and Dispute Resolution postgraduate programs.

Degrees Offered

Master of Conflict & Dispute Resolution by coursework (8 subjects)

Note: One subject is equivalent to 3 hours/units/credit points.
The program has been developed to provide practical hands-on experience while developing a sound theoretical platform facilitating immediate application of the knowledge gained.

Who should do a JCU Dispute Resolution course?

The course is multidisciplinary and is open to people from ANY discipline. You do not need to have a background in law. You may even be able to enter without having completed a university degree if you have appropriate experience and background.
Our students come from many disciplines including human resources, management and business administration, engineering and construction, community services, social work and not-for profit, professions working in cross cultural environments, military and defence, police' emergency services, law, mediation and dispute resolution fields, education, etc.
What subjects do we offer in 2010?

January to June
LB5525:03 Conflict and Dispute Analysis (internal offer)
LB5525:03 Conflict and Dispute Analysis (online offer)
LB5521:03 Conflict, Reconciliation and Peace (online delivery only)
LB5500:03 Negotiation
LB5501:03 Mediation
LB5516:03 Public Interest and Multi-Party Disputes
LB5515:03 Workplace Dispute Resolution
LB5204:03 Globalisation, Governance and the State
LB5520:03 Independent Project (can be done by distance)
LB5523:03 Research Project Part 1 of 2 (can be done by distance)
LB5524:03 Research Project Part 2 of 2 (can be done by distance)
AF5482 Independent Studies - Conflict Coaching
July to December
LB5500:03 Negotiation
LB5522:03 Negotiation Theory and Practice (online delivery only)
LB5525:03 Conflict and Dispute Analysis (this offer is an online only delivery)
LB5517:03 Commercial Dispute Resolution (online offer)
LB5517:03 Commercial Dispute Resolution (internal offer)
LB5514:03 Indigenous and Cross-Cultural Dispute Resolution
LB5518:03 Advanced Mediation
LB5526:03 Conflict Management and Transformation
LB5520:03 Independent Project (can be done by distance)
LB5523:03 Research Project Part 1 of 2 (can be done by distance)
LB5524:03 Research Project Part 2 of 2 (can be done by distance)

All subjects are equivalent to 3 hours/units/credit points
Compulsory subjects are:
LB5525:03 Conflict and Dispute Analysis; and
LB5500:03 Negotiation; or
LB5522:03 Negotiation Theory and Practice

Online Delivery of Subjects

There are a number of online subjects are delivered through JCU's online e-learning platform, LearnJCU. Once enrolled you have access to the subject site and all materials are then available for download including lecture notes, audio or even video files. For the online subjects you will be expected to have access to a broadband internet access. Subjects may also use the free SKYPE conferencing tool ( The online subjects are usually delivered over a 13 week period and you will have the opportunity to work with other students from around the world as part of the learning experience. Some subjects may also include optional workshops.

We are developing a full range of online subjects to enable the Masters courses to be competed fully online. We also have partnerships arrangements with other online institutions to ensure we have a high quality subjects available for our students.
Intensive Delivery of Subjects

Intensively delivered subjects (referred to as 'block' mode) are usually taught on Friday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday although we may have some subjects that require attendance for full days on other days. Most teaching dates are managed to ensure that there are few clashes between subjects.
Dispute Resolution Program and Subject Information

Subject Timetable can be obtained here

To Apply
Go to the JCU Web Site: Postgraduate study ( and complete Application for Postgraduate Coursework Program form (pdf file, 248kb)

For more information contact Sean Johnson, Director, Dispute Resolution Program at or call 07 4781 4003.

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