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 Short Course on International Human Rights Law:


 8 November 2009 | visits 11302

The Human Rights Law Centre at the University of Nottingham short course on International Human Rights Law. The course is aimed at government officials, lawyers, human rights field workers and other NGO and IGO personnel and gives a full overview of international human rights standards in practice around the world. 

International Human Rights Law Short Course 

Our three month course gives students an in-depth understanding of international human rights standards and the international machinery of the United Nations, Council of Europe, the OAS and the African Union. The course also shows how these standards are implemented and how they work in practice. There are two programmes each year: January to March and September to December. 

Further information about the course 

If you would like to be sent further details of the course please reply to this email or visit Please feel free to forward onto anyone in your organisation who you think might be interested. 

Please contact Kobie Neita at +44 (0) 115 846 6309 or for further details. The next course application deadline is 10 December with the start date on 7 January.  
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