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 Manager - Gender and Peacebuilding Team:


 2 December 2009 | visits 802

Salary: £38,543 per annum (more for an exceptional candidate) + excellent
Based: London
Closing date: Monday 7th December at 5pm (Interviews will be held the
first two weeks of January 2010)

We are looking for a talented individual to lead our strategic work on
gender and peacebuilding. This is a new position based in the Gender and
Peacebuilding Team.

You have a talent for leading innovative new thinking and driving
strategy. You understand that change requires, time, incentives and
evidence based advocacy. You know that effective peacebuilding has to be
built on an understanding of how men and women contribute to and
experience conflict differently. You are persuasive, because you know how
to build a change strategy based on a thorough understanding of the
constraints and opportunities faced by people at both community and
headquarters levels. You build the trust of people because you are tactful
and perceptive and understand how to engage them in developing and
implementing new ideas. You are creative and know how to transform a
sophisticated understanding of gender into practical ways of working for
those who work and live in complex situations.

With a relevant degree, you also have a proven track record of achieving
advocacy goals in the governance, peace or development sphere.

Applicants will also have experience of working on peacebuilding or
development in a conflict affected environment; writing evidence-based
advocacy reports and position papers on gender or related issues and of
raising funds and managing staff. The ability to lead others in developing
commonly owned plans, analysis and strategy and excellent communication,
networking and inter-personal skills are also essential.

the job description.

Alternatively, contact Yasmin Yusuf on 020 7627 6874 or email

Please note that due to limited resources, only short-listed candidates
will be further contacted after the closing date. International Alert is
an equal opportunities employer. All applicants will be judged strictly on
the basis of merit. 
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Date : 18 January 2015 08:32

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  #2    Name: Bity  
Date : 21 January 2015 08:43

One of the panelists told us that she retcjeed her first offer because she would be the first woman in that department, and she had suspected that they were interested not in her personally but jut in hiring a woman to improve their statistics.I can't quite tell agreeing with me or disagreeing with me with this example, but I agree with you that this can be a disturbing trend, too, and can make it that much harder for math departments to hire women. I admit that I was thinking more in terms of female graduate students who might decide to leave mathematics to pursue other things because they were unhappy with not having a lot of other women in the department, though. I've heard several stories like this, and it's easy to dismiss graduate students leaving as them just not being able to make it in the department, but if women *are* being scared off by things that have nothing to do with their ability level, and if a meeting like this can keep them from leaving, then I don't see why it's such a terrible thing to have such meetings.why should it be a mathematical meeting arranged in such a way that all speakers must be women? You could easily have a women's issues panel at a ``normal" meeting.Well, again, from other comments here, it sounds like there are plenty of fields of mathematics where a "normal" meeting would not have enough women for such a panel. You mentioned that this event has become traditional, at the beginning of each semester-long program. Maybe at some point, they tried to organize such a panel at a "normal" meeting, and realized that they couldn't do it.Besides, now that I am thinking more about this, I don't see why you think it's such a horrible idea to have a meeting specifically highlighting women's accomplishments in a field of mathematics, so that younger women who might otherwise have been scared off from a traditionally male-dominated field can see what women specifically have already accomplished. That sounds like it might be a useful thing - more useful in many ways than a "women's issues" panel hidden within a meeting focused on something else.You seem to be thinking about this meeting in terms of affirmative action - like men are being discriminated against by not being allowed to be speakers at this meeting. (And women are being insulted by the implication that they are only being considered as speakers because they are women.) But if the *theme* of the meeting is women's accomplishments in the field, why *shouldn't* all the speakers be women? Do you want them to invite some men to speak about the accomplishments of women they know, when they could be inviting those women themselves? yntmwloi [link=]zzuepasx[/link]
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  #14    Name: Maribeth  
Date : 26 June 2015 13:48
  #15    Name: Charlotte  
Date : 29 June 2015 17:01
  #16    Name: Birdie  
Date : 30 June 2015 10:22
  #17    Name: Jailene  
Date : 13 July 2015 05:32
  #18    Name: Cheyanna  
Date : 16 July 2015 07:12
  #19    Name: Cannon  
Date : 18 July 2015 14:16
  #20    Name: Lorrie  
Date : 19 July 2015 23:28
  #21    Name: Marsue  
Date : 20 July 2015 15:23
  #22    Name: Lorren  
Date : 30 July 2015 22:35
  #23    Name: Lawanda  
Date : 3 August 2015 10:38
  #24    Name: Shermaine  
Date : 4 August 2015 18:42

  #25    Name: Earthwind  
Date : 7 August 2015 07:46
  #26    Name: Kasara  
Date : 11 August 2015 23:49
  #27    Name: Almena  
Date : 27 April 2016 14:33

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  #28    Name: Charla  
Date : 28 April 2016 04:56

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  #29    Name: Elyza  
Date : 28 April 2016 23:32

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