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 International Volunteer Day:


 2 December 2009 | visits 1023

IVD logoLess than two weeks from now on 5 December the world will celebrate International Volunteer Day (IVD). What are you doing? Please let us know. 

This is the time to recognize the hard work and achievements of volunteers everywhere who work selflessly for the greater good. It is also the time to create networks and collaborate with other volunteer-involving and civil society organizations.  

Please celebrate IVD and tell others about it. You can access publicity materials including the IVD logo and templates for posters, t-shirts and more, on World Volunteer








Feature: Volunteering for our Planet
700,000+ hours of environmental volunteerism registered

altOn World Environment Day, 5 June, United Nations Volunteers announced a theme for its own celebration of IVD this year: 'Volunteering for our Planet'. This is UNV's contribution to the UN campaign to 'Seal the Deal' at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, starting 7 December, and aims to demonstrate that people are willing to take positive action and that volunteers are a part of the solution.

The campaign invites you to register the hours you have volunteered for the environment in the six months to IVD. So far people have registered more than 700,000 hours, mostly in developing countries. We really want to reach 1 million hours; please help!

On their own, a few hours by one volunteer might not look like much but, when combined, the actions of thousands of volunteers around the world are adding up to a tremendous contribution to the global effort. For example, Suzanna is studying the impact of land use to indigenous communities in the Brazilian rainforest, Rahul is promoting eco-friendly agriculture in India, Sylvia in Germany is riding her bike to work and buys o rganic food, and Fogaing in Cameroon is doing online research on renewable energy for environmental organizations.

What are you doing?

Please register! Every hour counts.

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More planned IVD activities

Queensland, Australia: The Department of Communities hosts a Symposium on 'Volunteering: connecting communities in new ways' to explore contemporary trends and issues including social innovation, social inclusion and corporate volunteering.

Ireland: Comhlámh in association with Volunteer Centres Ireland will celebrate the contribution of volunteers to economic and social development. Music, food and speeches from leading figures. 

New Zealand:
 Volunteer Marlborough will celebrate IVD on 3 December by hosting a breakfast at the Clubs of Marlborough to celebrate and recognize community volunteers. 

South Africa:
 The first issue of e-CIVICUS in December will be dedicated to celebrating International Volunteer Day, 5 December. Articles on the theme of volunteering, especially those that show the work of volunteers and their impact on civil society, should be sent to editor(at)civicus(dot)org by 3 December 2009.

New York, USA: Get your hands dirty as you help keep Fort Greene one of the most beautiful parks in the city on Saturday 5 December. 

UNV Ecuador will organize a cycling and tree planting event from 29 November to 2 December, together with UNDP and civil society organizations. 

India: UNV is targeting 30 schools across Delhi to showcase the work of community volunteer heroes. On IVD, an event will bring together thousands of citizens for a massive clean-up and performances by renowned musicians.

  Partnering with OHCHR, UNV has launched a Photo Competition on the theme: "A clean world is my right!", inviting schoolchildren to share ideas on the connections between Human Rights and the Environment.

Plan and share your IVD events

For more information about IVD 2009 visit
Plan your IVD with our handy toolkit:
Share your IVD events, stories, photos: Subject: IVD 2009 - [your country] 


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  #1    Name: Rohi  
Date : 18 January 2015 15:04

I am a master gaedrner and propagator for Rutgers Cooperative Extension in N.J. I supervise the greenhouse where we grow all organic Herbs, vegetables and flowers for sale at Agricultural Field Day in April. Perhaps, I can accomodate you with some of our plants. We have 40 different tomatoes, 25 hot peppers, sweet peppers, eggplant and lots of other vegetables not available at markets. I can volunteer on weekends and some week days. would love to see your operation. I was, some years back, coordinator of the Good Earth Garden on Rutgers Campus.. Thanks, Toni
  #2    Name: Luis  
Date : 20 January 2015 03:31

I had the most amazing time at Rock Point. I<a href=""> seytad</a> for two months in the fall of 2012. I didn't have any bird handling experience when I arrived in September but Jim and the gang were so knowledgeable, helpful, and patient that I learned a ton. If you're looking for more info, feel free to contact Jim for my email address. I would highly recommend volunteering at Rock Point!
  #3    Name: Jufri  
Date : 21 January 2015 10:18

We need volunteers to come This Saturday!!!!! The first Saturday of every month will be Family Volunteer day with Meals by Grace. We would like your flmaiy to experience this gratifying time together. Please come by 1:00 pm. This usually lasts until 4:00 pm. We also need people to stay and deliver the food to Our Families.We are making a Winter Picnic for the families so that all age children can help with this day. Come and have a great time! jhlrgwyu [link=]lcfhnhcaoox[/link]
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