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 2 December 2009 | visits 816

Apply now, limited scholarships are available
Application form attached

The Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo is pleased to announce the launching of its 12th round of the workshop on Reproductive Health titled "From Science to Action: Reproductive Health in the Arab Countries." The workshop is scheduled to take place on 28th February  18th March, 2010 . The workshop has been developed and undertaken with support from the Ford Foundation since 1997 and continues to be held annually at the SRC.  It has proved its success and effectiveness through the demonstrated increasing demand among applicants from Egypt and the Arab countries.    

The overall objective of the workshop is to emphasize the importance of adopting the reproductive health agenda for improving men's and women's health in the Arab countries, with particular attention given to the need for inter-disciplinary perspectives (biomedical and social) on reproductive health issues and better appreciation of the role of social realities and gender differentials in impacting  women's health.  

This workshop consists of five main blocks of lectures entitled:
o         Reproductive Health Paradigm: Overview and Evolution    
o         Understanding Reproductive Health Dimensions: Needs and Concerns
o         Concepts, Measurement, and Practical Experiences
o         Policy Approaches for Reproductive Health
o         Implications of Reproductive Health for Research and Service Delivery
The workshop also aims to support participants' research capacities.  The workshop further encourages the exchange of views and ideas that draw on the participants experiences in their countries. These objectives are fulfilled through skill development and open group discussion sessions.  

The workshop is suitable for a wide audience including individuals with research and/or programmatic interests in the field of reproductive health in the Arab countries. Participants are expected to have relevant university degree and adequate knowledge of English. The workshop will be held in Cairo at the Social Research Center of the American University in Cairo.

The cost of participation in the workshop includes tuition fees ($1500) and living expenses and travel (estimated at $2000).   Applicants are encouraged to seek financial assistance from employers, foundations and specialized national and international agencies working in the field of reproductive health.

The Social Research Center has limited number of scholarships provided by Ford Foundation and Hewllet Foundation. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive base.

Interested individuals are encouraged to fill in the enclosed application form and return it by fax, post or email to the following address before January 10, 2010  Selection of participants and scholarship awards will be announced by January 24, 2010.  

For further information, please feel free to contact us:

Zeinab Khadr, Ph.D. 
Reproductive Health workshop Coordinator                 
Social Research Center 
The American University in Cairo 
AUC Avenue, P.O. Box 74,  New Cairo 11835, Egypt.
Tel: +202- 2615-1319     or    +202-2615-1405 
Mobile: 2010- 3732775
Fax: 202- 2797-4926

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