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 Human Rights Trainer:


 3 December 2009 | visits 473

Areas of Responsibility: 


Overall programmatic responsibilities: 


  • Ensuring strategic oversight of the ERRC's human rights education programming, in cooperation with the Programmes Director; 
  • Maintaining archive documentation of all ERRC training programmes and interns/trainees; 
  • Developing a network of partners for ERRC human rights education activities; 
  • Contributing to ERRC outreach and networking with past interns/trainees; 
  • Coordinating the development of ERRC training programmes and the involvement of ERRC staff members and external experts as needed; and 
  • Developing and implementing diagnostic tests for all ERRC training programmes to gauge learning acquisition.

ERRC internship programme: 

  • Establishing and updating guiding principles for the ERRC internship programme; 
  • Ensuring the smooth functioning of ERRC Romani and non-Romani intern recruitment processes, including convening meetings of an internal internship selection committee; 
  • Overseeing transitional arrangements for interns on arrival and departure from the ERRC office (travel, visa, insurance, accommodation, induction, etc); 
  • Defining appropriate internship programmes in cooperation with incoming interns and relevant programmes and legal staff; 
  • Facilitating good communication between staff and interns and the integration of interns into the overall work of the ERRC; 
  • As agreed between the ERRC and interns, overseeing the joint implementation of community-based internship extensions by interns; 
  • Ensuring evaluation of ERRC internships with outgoing interns; and 
  • Providing feedback, formal evaluation and recommendation letters to interns as requested.

ERRC human rights training workshops: 

1. Managing the implementation of bi-annual ERRC Roma Rights Workshops: 
  • Developing new training materials and/or modifying existing ERRC training materials for Roma Rights Workshops; 
  • Developing budgets and monitoring expenditures for Roma Right Workshops; 
  • Coordinating logistical pr eparation of the summer school; 
  • Participating as a trainer, identifying external trainers and involving ERRC trainers as required; 
  • Ensuring effective participant and internal evaluation of Roma Rights Workshops and refinement of the programmes accordingly; and 
  • Maintaining networks of past trainees and working to facilitate their future involvement in Roma rights advocacy.

2. Coordinating implementation of other ERRC training workshops, as relevant: 
  • Developing training projects (from proposal writing, training programme implementation to evaluation stages) with other staff members and partner organisations; 
  • Contributing to project reports on training activities as appropriate; 
  • Developing budgets and monitoring expenditures for training workshops; and 
  • Where required, providing logistical support for training preparation.

Other responsibilities, as agreed with the Programmes Director: 

  • Contributing to the Roma Rights journal and other ERRC publications; as appropriate; 
  • Helping develop content for the HRE section of the ERRC website;
  • Representing the ERRC in public meetings as requested; and 
  • Other tasks as requested.

Essential Requirements: 

  • University degree in either human rights, law, humanities or pedagogy; 
  • Teaching or human rights training experience (at least 5 years experience); 
  • Demonstrated experience in human rights advocacy; 
  • Sound knowledge of international and European human rights law and advocacy; 
  • Familiarity with the European political context and the position of Roma; 
  • Proved capacity for project management; 
  • Fluency in oral and written English; 
  • Proven ability to work in a culturally diverse team; 
  • Clear presentation skills, strong interpersonal and leadership qualities; 
  • Strong commitment to the promotion of Roma rights; and 
  • Willingness to travel as required.

Further advantages: 

  • Fluency in Romanes or other European languages; 
  • Past involvement in training programmes targeting Roma; and 
  • Developed network of training partners.

Salary and Benefits:The remuneration level shall be commensurate with experience, from 27,000 - 31,000 EUR gross salary annually (paid in HUF) plus benefits. This is a one year contract, with possibility of extension. 

Expected starting date:As soon as possible and no later than the end of January 2010. 

Application deadline: 10 December 2009 
Applicants should send: 
  • An English-language letter of interest (up to 500 words) indicating why they are ideally qualified for the position; 
  • A full CV; 
  • The names and contact details of two referees who may be contacted after interviews; and 
  • An unedited sample of relevant English-language curriculum or training modules developed by the applicant.

Application packages missing any of these components will not be considered. Full application packages should be submitted electronically to: 

ERRC - Human Rights Trainer Position Search 
c/o Csilla M Farkas: 

The ERRC is committed to equal opportunity for all. Romani candidates are particularly encouraged to apply.  
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