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 The 2010 UNU International Courses:


 16 October 2009 | visits 723

United Nations University will organize the tenth regular session of its six-week UNU International Courses (UNU-IC) at UNU Centre in Tokyo, Japan, from 10 May through 18 June 2010. The UNU-IC programme is designed for postgraduate students and young professionals (with a college or university degree) in various occupations in Japan and abroad who wish to pursue careers in international fields in public-service or private organizations, including the United Nations, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations as well as national foreign service organizations. The courses are designed to provide analyses of global issues from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.

The UNU International Courses are taught in a cooperative fashion by a team of scholars and practitioners comprising both in-house and outside experts. One of the unique features of the UNU-IC is that many of the practitioners come from United Nations organizations. Another important characteristic is the direct access to teaching faculty and the support provided to course participants by the UNU in-house academic staff who serve as academic counsellors. The UNU-IC also draw on the research projects undertaken at the UNU Centre in Tokyo and at various UNU Research and Training Centres and Programmes (RTC/Ps) located around the world. The courses, though advanced in nature, are open to graduate students and professionals in various occupations who are not necessarily specialists in the field.

UNU International Courses - 2010 Session

10 May to 18 June 2010

Core Course

UN System: Pressing Issues and Sustainable Solutions

Optional Courses
  1. Peace and Human Rights
  2. Global Change and Sustainability
  3. International Development and Cooperation

Core Course: This is compulsory for all students. There shall be one lecture of 120-minute duration (60 minutes of lecture and 60 minutes of Q&A) and two sessions of tutorials of 90-minute duration per session.

Optional Sessions: Students are allowed to choose one or two courses. There will be eighteen 90-minute sessions per course (three sessions per week over the six-week course period). The courses will involve considerable reading and study, but will be scheduled to allow students to have sufficient preparatory and review time for each session.

Daily Schedule There will be three sessions of courses each day (10:00–12:00, 13:00–15:00 and 16:00–18:00), though no one course will take the entire three sessions of one day. The final schedule will be available in May 2010.

http://www.unu. edu/ic/

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