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The World Programme for Human Rights Education From the First Phase to the Second Phase


On 10 December 2004, the General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed the World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005-ongoing) to advance the implementation of human rights education programmes in all sectors.

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Human Rights Education

Recognising the potential of Human Rights Education the Partnership has a specific objective of promoting European citizenship, human rights education and respect for diversity. Following the publication of the Arabic translation of Compass, the manual on Human Rights Education with young people, the Partnership has launched a series of regional training courses in HRE in the Arabic-speaking region. The purpose of these courses is to support the emergence of networks of trainers and multipliers in the Arabic-speaking region and to develop the capacity of youth organisations to introduce Human Rights Education in their work. Most of the activities organised within this Partnership agreement are implemented in cooperation with local partners.

Euro-Mediterranean Training Course for Human Rights Education with Young People

Debbiye, Lebanon, 21-29 June 2009

The working language of the training course will be Arabic. The course is open for the residents of Lebanon, Jordan, Palestinian Authority, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, the Gulf states, and of  the 47 member states of the Council of Europe.

Presentation of the course: (EN - AR)

  • Training Course for multipliers active in human rights education and conflict resolution in the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation context "Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Education for Enhancing Intercultural Dialogue with Young People", organised in co-operation with the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation for the Dialogue between Cultures 
    European Youth Centre Budapest, 19-26 October 2008
    Presentation (EN - FR)    Programme (EN - FR)   List of participants

Regional training courses for trainers in Human Rights Education with young people using Compass in Arabic

  • Evaluation and follow-up meeting of the sub-regional training courses for trainers in human rights education in Arabic 
    Swedish Institute in Alexandria, Egypt, 29-31 October 2007 
    Presentation and programme                List of participants  
    Report of the meeting embracing the Evaluation and impact study of the courses by Ali Chahine, consultant

  • «Maghreb-Europe» training course for trainers in human rights education with young people
     Fès, Maroc, 13 - 22 May 2007
    in co-operation with the Centre de documentation d'information et de formation en droits de l'homme (Morocco), and l'Association initiatives pour la protection des droits des femmes (Morocco) 
    Presentation (FR - AR)    Programme (FR - AR)   List of participants

  • Arab-Euro training course for trainers in HRE with young people
    Alexandria, Egypt, 1-9 April 2006 in cooperation with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria 
    Presentation (EN - AR)    Programme (EN - AR)    List of participants

  • Regional Training Course for trainers in HRE for the Middle East region
    Amman, Jordan, 28 March - 4 April 2006 in cooperation with the National Council for Human Rights and Princess Basma Youth Resource Centre 
    Presentation (EN - AR)   Programme (EN - AR)    List of participants

  • Workshop "Training Trainers in HRE using Compass in Arabic"
    European Youth Centre, Budapest, 3-13 December 2006
    This workshop was aimed at training 15 Arabic-speaking trainers in using the Arabic version of Compass, the manual on Human Rights Education with young people. Some of the trainers were involved in the Arabic regional training courses that took place in Jordan and Egypt in 2006.
    Presentation     Programme        List of participants  

  • Citizenship matters: the participation of women and minorities in Euro-Med youth projects 
    Alexandria, Egypt, 19-29 April 2004 in cooperation with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria
    This course addressed thematic issues related to the Euro-Med programme, which are equally relevant to the culture of human rights, namely women's rights, minority rights and approaches for citizenship and participation of young people. As a practical side to the course, the participants had to identify guidelines for applying those principles in youth exchanges and other Euro-Med projects.
    Course presentation (EN - AR)       Programme
    List of Participants                      Participants' conclusions

Reference  : http://youth-partnership.coe.int