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 Listening to People on the Receiving End of Aid  


2 September 2010 | الزيارات : 1227

Listening to People on the Receiving End of Aid


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 New Publication from Gene Sharp  


9 August 2010 | الزيارات : 1236

New Publication from Gene Sharp and the Albert Einstein Institution, Self-Liberation A Guide to Strategic Planning for Action to End a Dictatorship or Other Oppression


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 “Defenders Under Danger”  


20 July 2010 | الزيارات : 1564

The Arab Human Rights Defenders Union seeks your participation in the campaign “Defenders Under Danger” and signature on the statement of inauguration and then participating in its activities. 


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 The world law guide  


19 July 2010 | الزيارات : 22510

The world law guide


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 New publication: Students' Perspectives on Schooling  


11 July 2010 | الزيارات : 1

New publication: Students' Perspectives on Schooling


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 Panasonic Scholarship Program  


1 July 2010 | الزيارات : 13115

Call for Applications, Panasonic Scholarship Program, for students from select Asian countries to pursue graduate studies in Japan


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 Call for Participatory Evaluation Reports (consultancies  


1 July 2010 | الزيارات : 808

Call for Participatory Evaluation Reports (consultancies): UN-INSTRAW: Aid Flows from a Gender Perspective in Cambodia, Guatemala, Morocco, Mozambique, Peru and Viet-Nam


Call for Proposals, Campains, NGO Publications :




30 June 2010 | الزيارات : 6472

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS Roma Rights 2/2010 Funding Roma Rights: Structures, Practices, Challenges, Prospects